Montana 2022 Centenarians

The 53rd Governor’s Conference on Aging was held in Butte Montana this year where we share knowledge of services and resources that are available to support the well-being of older Montanans, their loved ones, and caregivers.  We all work hard to stay engaged in our communities to provide the best resources for our State and its people.

This year the Honorary 2022 Montana Centenarians were:

Agnes Ryan                                                   100 years old January 13th

Francis Cole                                                   100 years old August 24th

Mabel Hall                                                     104 years old September 18th

Mickael Teig                                                  106 years old May 17th

Arlene Knudsen                                            100 years old October 27th

Patricia Shanahan Erickson                       101 years old November 6th

Sigfrid Valborg Helgeland Ostby               103 years old August 18th

Frank Holstein                                              100 years old June 14th

Marguerite Wells Hodgson Hull                100 years old January 12th

William Vischer Sr.                                      100 years old January 14th

Clifford Gangstad                                         100 years old August 31st

Robert Haraden                                           100 years old June 10th

Betty Ferguson                                             102 years old December 6th

Helen Meyer                                                 100 years old June 14th

Virginia Morris                                             100 years old December 10

Robert Anderson                                         100 years old

Donald Engel                                                100 years old May 5th

Eleanor Vanatta McKamey                        100 years old July 8th

Rena Koch                                                     100 years old November 2nd

Charlotte Carlat                                           100 years old November 5th

Jean Bowdish Roe                                        100 years old August 1st

Dorothy Johnson                                         100 years old January 13th

John Morgan                                                101 years old May 21st

Harry Rochowicz                                          100 years old April 14th

Lillian Mantel Hylland                                 100 years old March 3rd

Frank Holstein                                              101 years old April 5th

Marian West                                                 102 years old July 21st

Margaret McNamara                                  100 years old September 13th

Arnold Peterson                                           100 years old March 26th

Louise Shafer                                                100 years old June 23rd

Audrey Anderwald                                      100 years old December 10th

Wesley Oswald                                            101 years old April 29th

Congratulations to our 2022 Montana Centenarians and thank you for all you have done serving Montana and our Nation.  As one of the Centenarians stated, “Age is a number, old is an attitude”.