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CSFP Application Form

Liquid Dietary Supplement Program
Area VI nutrition programs also include an option to allow for purchase and provision of liquid dietary supplements (Ensure) when a physician has determined the need for supplements. Eligibility age requirements for this program are the same as for congregate and home delivered meals. For more information contact your local senior centers or email:
CJ Williamson at Area VI Agency on Aging:

Congregate and Home Delivered Meals
These programs, partially funded by the Federal Older Americans Act, provide opportunity for hot meals within a congregate dining room at the Senior Center, and Grab and Go or home delivered for those who are home-bound.


The Older Americans Act subsidizes nutritional meals for those age 60 and older, including spouses of those 60 and older. There is a suggested donation for the meals for eligible seniors. Those under the age of 60 are welcome to dine at the senior center meal sites but will be required to pay the cost of the meal. Fees are posted at each Senior Center. See List of Our Area Senior Centers Below:

Senior Centers and Nutrition Sites:
Lake County COA
Director:  406-676-2367 Fax: 406-676-2365
528 Main Street SW
Ronan, MT 59864 Email:
Pres: Debra Upton
Ops Mgr-
Transportation: Ext. 1

Arlee Senior Citizens, Inc.
Nutri Mgr/Cook: Kelly Burland 406-726-3213
P O Box 392
34532 Wessinger St.
Arlee, MT 59821
Pres: Ann Stewart
Asst-Cook: Marty Boggess
Bookkeeper/Site Mgr: Cherie Garcelon

Charlo/Moiese Sr Citizens
Nutri Mgr.:  406-644-2531
P O Box 1
56686 Hwy 212
Charlo, MT 59824
President: Myra Bauer
Cook: Sara Evans

Polson Senior Citizens, Inc.
Nutri Mgr.: Toney Fraley 406-883-4735 Fax: 406-883-2863
504 3rd Avenue East
Polson, MT 59860
President: Dave Sherick
Site Mgr.: Kaye Stam 406-883-4480
Cook: Allan Glueckeet

Mission Valley Senior Citizen Center
Nutri. Mgr.: Donna Danials 406-676-2371 Fax: 406-676-2365
528 Main St. SW
Ronan, MT 59864
President: Rita Hamlin
Cook: Kim Bauer
Asst. Cook: Sharlene Leonard

St. Ignatius Senior Citizen Center
Nutri Mgr.              406-745-4462
P.O. Box 758
St. Ignatius, Mt
President: Barbara Plouffe
Cook: Doris Gainan
Secretary: Debbie Coffman 206-755-7199

CSKT Tribal Aging Services 406-675-2700
P.O. Box 278
Pablo, Mt 59855
Division Manager:  Diane Matt Ext 1303
Acct. Supervisor: Donavan Parker, Ext 1187
Capstone: Shawn Matt, Ext 1317
Charlene Petet 406-675-2700 Ext 1025 Fax: 406-275-2806

I&A Technician/SHIP – Polson: Dixie Bisson or Tonie Smothers.

Local Long Term Care Ombudsman: -Julie White 406-741-3647

LCCOA:  – 406-676-2367

Lincoln County COA 406-293-7222
206 East 2nd Street
Libby, Mt 59923
President: Dedi Coy
Vice President:
Sec/Tres: Nancy Higgins
CSFP: Julie Mason 406-291-2201

Tobacco Valley Senior Citizen Assoc. (Eureka)
Site/Nutri. Mgr. June Olser 406-297-2188
P.O. Box 745
310 1st. Avenue E Fax: 406-297-0306
Eureka, Mt 59917
Cook: Wendy Miller
Asst. Cook: Trudy Braaksma
Bookkeeper: JD Cook Accounting
Treasure: Alfred Burris
Secretary: Melody Weldon
CSFP: Eureka Chapel of Praise 406-889-3207
Christy Hanson

Senior Citizens of Lincoln County
Nutri/Site Mgr. Dedi Coy 406-293-7222 Fax: 406-293-2787
206 East 2nd Street
Libby, Mt 59923
President: John Knudson
Bookkeeper: Dedi Coy
Cook: DeAnna Nelson

Kootenai Senior Citizens, In. (Troy)
P.O. Box 74
304 North 3rd
Troy, Mt 59935
President: Steve Ecles

Nutrition Manager: Darla Winn 406-792-6205
Bookkeeper/Sec.: Nancy Higgins
CSFP: Cathy Foote 406-293-1200
I&A Technician, SHIP, Christine Glines 406-270-1298 or Sean Lacefield

Local Long Term Care Ombudsman: Julie White 406-741-3647

Alberton Senior Citizen Center
Nutri/Site Mgr.          406-722-3372 fax: 406-722-3500
P.O. Box 75
701 Railroad Avenue
Alberton, Mt 59820
President: Gary Webber 406-722-3071
Asst. Cook: Sharon
Bookkeeper: June Pease 406-722-3071

St. Regis Senior Citizens Center
Site Mgr.             406-649-2499
P.O. Box 174
209 Lobo Loop
St. Regis, Mt 59866
President: Dave Hannah 208-659-6423
Nutri Mgr.
Bookkeeper: Alice Burchak
Cook: Dave
Assit. Cook:
CSFP: Matilda Sink and David Walker 406-214-0353 or 406-529-6547

Superior Senior Citizen Center
Nutri. Mgr. Pat Oyres 406-822-3334
P.O. Box 372
611 5th Avenue E
Superior, Mt 59866
President: Tammy Wiewick
Bookkeeper: Pat Oyres
Head Cook: Jessica Williams
Asst. Cook: Jeanine
Sec./Treas.: Lori Stewart

Mineral County Pioneer Council
P.O. Box 10 P.O. Box 194
St. Regis, Mt 59866 St. Regis, Mt 59866
President: Lynn Hellegaard
Sec./Treas.: Paula
I&A Technician, SHIP 406-883-7284
Local Ombudsman: Julie White 406-741-3647 or 406-212-7071

Sanders County COA 406-741-2343 – 800-246-5899 – Fax: 406-741-2349
P.O. Box 339
203 Main Street
Hot Springs, Mt 59845
Co-Directors: Kelly Dorssett/Mary Ann Foster
Bookkeeper: Mary Ann Foster
CSFP: Patty Johnson
Transportation: 406-741-2346

I&A Technician, SHIP 406-883-7284
Local Ombudsman: Julie White 406-741-3647 or 406-212-7071

Dixon Senior Citizen Center 406-246-3310
P.O. Box 85
3rd Street West
Dixon, Mt 59831
President: David Passieri
P.O. Box 628
St. Ignatius, Mt 59865

Cook: Jennifer Hammond

Heron Senior Center
Site/Nutri. Mgr.: Contact Diane Mosley 406-847-2520
P.O. Box 68
170 Railroad Avenue
Heron, Mt 59844
President: Diane Mosley 406-847-2520
Cook: Beth Mast

Asst. Cook: Mindy Berry

Camas Hot Springs
Senior Citizen
Nutri. Mgr.: JoEllen King 406-741-2344
President: Germain Blanchard 406-741-3468
Asst. Cook: Serina Stanton 406-515-0723
CSFP: Louis Hodgeson 406-741-5013

Noxon Senior Citizens, Inc.
Nutri Mgr. Sherry Sutherland 406-847-6000
P.O. Box 17
211 2nd Street
Noxon, Mt 59853
Cook: Sherry Sutherland

Plains/Paradise Senior Citizen Assoc.
Site Mgr.: Janet Sheridan 406-826-3018
P.O. Box 935
205 Meaney Street
Plains, Mt 59859
President: Dennis Evans
Cook: Carol Sugarbaker
CSFP: Dixie Geist

Thompson Falls Senior Citizen Center
Nutri./Site Mgr.: Nancy Gressang 406-827-3457
P.O. Box 444
1191 Mt Silcox Road
Thompson Falls, Mt 59873
President: Nancy Gressang
Cook: Rita Huebeschman
CSFP: Nancy Gressang 406-827-5055

Trout Creek Senior
Citizens, Inc.
Nutri. Mgr. Elizabeth Glackin 406-827-4461
Elizabeth Glackin
P.O. Box 1482
Trout Creek, Mt 59874
President: Deb McNary 406-827-3227
P.O. Box 1693
Trout Creek, Mt 59874
Cook: Paige Brown
CSFP: Sharon Tessier

SHIP and I&A, Shirley Proctor 406-871-1149

Director SCCOA: Kelly Dossett & Mary Ann Foster

Local Ombudsman: Julie White 406-741-3647

Tribal Nutrition Centers
CSKT Tribal Aging Services 406-675-2700
Attn: Diane Matt
P.O. Box 278
Pablo, Mt 59855
Aging Services Program Manager: Diane Matt 406-675-2700 Ext. 1303
Acct. supervisor: Donavan Parker Ext. 1187

Social Services Director: Patricia Courchane 406-275-2788

Charlene Petet Ext. 1025

Arlee Senior Center
Nutri Mgr.: Larry Barnaby 406-726-3221
11 Bitterroot Jim Road
Arlee, Mt 59821

Mailing address: 209 Pename St. Dixon, Mt. 59831
Site Mgr.: Diane Matt
Cook: Larry Barnaby
Asst. Cook: Marty Boggess 406-246-2121

Elmo Senior Center
Nutri. Mgr.: Ken Lozeau 406-849-5022
100 Cementary Road
Elmo, Mt 59915
Site Mgr.: Diane Matt
Cook: Ken Lozeau
Asst. Cook: Lydia Hewankorn

Polson Nutrition Site
Nutri. Mgr.: Alycia Shorty 406-883-6877
701 first Street E
Polson, Mt 59860

Mailing Address: 30064 Finley Pt. Lane Polson, Mt 59860
Site Mgr.: Diane Matt
Cook: Alycia Shorty

Ronan Nutrition Site
Nutri. Mgr.: Maxine Michel 406-676-5495
12 Terrace Lake Road
Ronan, Mt 59864

Mailing Address: 116 St. SW Ronan, Mt. 59864
Site Mgr.: Diane Matt
Cook: Maxine Michel
Asst. Cook: Liberty Plouffe

St. Ignatius Nutrition Site
Nutri. Mgr.: Maxine Michel 406-745-4240
223 Blind Barnaby
St. Ignatius, Mt 59865
Site Mgr.: Diane Matt
Cook: Maxine Michel

Hot Springs Senior Center
Nutri. Mgr.: Linda Landrum 406-741-3265
214 N. Spring Street
Hot Springs, Mt 59845

Mailing Address: PO Box 63 Hot Springs, Mt. 59845
Site Mgr.: Diane Matt
Cook: Linda Landrum
I&A Technician, SHIP – Shawn Matt 406-675-2700 Ext. 1317

CSFP is operated under the guidelines of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) nutrition program and is offered to seniors aged 60 or older. All recipients must meet federal income guidelines.

The Commodity Supplemental Food Program is funded by the United States Department of Agriculture and sponsored in our service area by the Western Montana Area VI Agency on Aging. Local organizations under contract determine eligibility and distribute foods. Please contact your local Commodity Site Managers for further information or information on eligibility.

See application link and list of Commodity Program Contractors below:

CSFP Application Form


Lake County

Lake County COA
528 Main Street SW
Ronan, Mt 59864

Mineral County

Mineral County
David Hannah
P.O. Box 174
St. Regis, Mt 59866
Deliveries to: St. Regis Community Center 39 Lobo Loop St. Regis, Mt 59866

Lincoln County

Lincoln County
Eureka – Christie Hanson 406-889-3207
Deliveries to – Chapel of Praise 79 Thistle Hollow Road Eureka, Mt 59917

Libby – Julie Mason 406-293-7316 Ext 302
libbyvfw@gmail.comDeliveries to – National Guard Armory 114 W. 2nd Street Libby, Mt 59923

Troy – Cathy Foote 406-295-4140
Deliveries to – Troy Community Baptist Church 725 East Missoula Ave. Troy, Mt

Sanders County

Sanders County COA
Patty Johnson 406-741-2343 Fax: 406-741-2349
P.O. Box 339
Hot Springs, Mt 59845
Deliveries to –
Plains Senior Center 205 Meaney Plains, Mt

Dixie Gietz 406-826-4487
Thompson Falls Senior Center 1191 Mt. Silcox Road Thompson Falls, Mt 406-827-5055
Trout Creek Senior Center 10 Larch Street Trout Creek, Mt Sharon Tessier 406-847-4876
Hot Springs Senior Center 101 Main Street Hot Springs, Mt Louis Hodgeson/Catrionna 406-741-5013