The Options Counseling Program assists all older adults, persons with disabilities, caregivers or family member who wish to explore available aging and disability services and supports in their community.

There are many choices, and just as many questions about long term care planning. What kind of care would I need in order for me to stay in my  home as I age?  Where do I even start? How do I help my friend or loved ones with this planning? What does this all mean?

Options Counseling could be the answer. An Options Counselor helps you weigh the pros and cons of various options available in your community including accessing public benefits for which you may qualify.

The counselor will work with you, family members, significant others, and/or friends to assist you in your decision making, including development of an action plan that supports and works for you to live where you want. Services are available to help in a variety of living situations; in-home or a facility.

Options Counseling is available for a fee with a sliding scale available for individuals on a lower income.  For information please call us at 1-800-266-4188 or 1-406-883-7284.