Our Information and Assistance Program is designed to link people in need with the appropriate services for their unique situation.  Through state certified technicians, a database of service providers and a statewide toll-free phone service the I & A system can provide comprehensive and current local resources such as:

Social and health services
Medicare assistance
Legal services
Utilities assistance
Meal services
In-home services
Caregiving options
Volunteering opportunities and more
Lifespan Respite Program

State Health Insurance Assistance Program -SHIP

The SHIP program is designed to bring one-on-one counseling to older and disabled Montanans in their hometowns. The counseling will help senior citizens understand Medicare and Medicaid as well as private insurance and Long-Term Care Insurance.

This counseling program is independent. No one will try to sell you any type of insurance. There is no charge for this service.

The SHIP program will help you answer these important questions:

How do I decide what health insurance I’ll need when I retire?
Are there government health services I can qualify for?
I don’t want to be a burden to my children but can’t afford the premiums for Long-Term Care Insurance. What do I need to consider?
How do I decide if I need Medicare Supplement Insurance?
What medical services are covered by Medicare?
What medical services are covered by Medicaid?

Contact The Area VI Agency on Aging for the answers to these questions.

SMP (Senior Medicare Patrol)

Statewide, peer volunteers give public presentations or provide one to one assistance to educate Medicare consumers in the areas of waste, fraud and abuse. The volunteers use AIM$ tools to teach seniors how to understand their Medicare Summary Notices and to compare them with other health care bills to determine if the service was received, and that the dates of service match the beneficiary’s health journal log. This service is designed to curb the $11.6 billion dollars lost in our country each year to waste, fraud and abuse.

If you or a family member see questionable charges from providers on your Medicare Summary Notice, please call 1-800-551-3191 to reach an AIM$* volunteer in your area. AIM$ volunteers are available for phone consultations or will come to your home to assist you with your questions concerning questionable provider charges to Medicare.

Resource and Emergency Outreach Coordinator


Advocate for the needs and rights of disabled, Veterans or older adults within the community and work towards addressing any gaps in services or support. Provide support and assistance during emergencies or crisis situations, ensuring that disabled, Veterans or older adults have access to necessary resources and assistance.

Contact The Area VI Agency on Aging for assistance.

Email Contact: Dixieb@area6aging.org or Tonies@area6aging.org or Kayg@area6aging.org