Upcoming “getsetup” February 2023

Upcoming Programming “getsetup”


Celebrate Black History Month

Join GetSetUp throughout February as they celebrate Black History Month. In these classes, you will learn about and have the chance to honor the tremendous impact that African Americans have had on our history.


View Series: https://www.getsetup.io/series/celebrate-black-history-month


Heart Health Month

This February is Heart Health Month! Learn new ways to focus on and improve your heart health with classes on healthy eating, active living, managing stress, and more!


View Series: https://www.getsetup.io/series/american-heart-health-month


Craft Skills: Valentine’s Day Special 

With Valentine’s Day coming up, it is time to get creative! Join a class with GetSetUp and make thoughtful gifts for the special people and friends in your life.


View Class: https://www.getsetup.io/classes/craft-skills-valentine-s-day-special/_yyKeFjhx


In The News


How Smart Home Technology Improves Quality Of Life For Active Ager’s


#SmartHomeTechnology is revolutionizing the way active ager’s live their lives. From increased safety and security to improved convenience and independence, smart home devices are improving the quality of life for seniors. Read this article to find out more.

View Article: https://www.forbes.com/sites/quora/2022/11/16/how-smart-home-technology-improves-quality-of-life-for-active-agers/