Nutrition Education Classes

Upcoming Nutrition Education Classes – Some classes will continue meeting virtually and some are transitioning back to face-to-face. Please see details below~

SNAP-Ed classes are hosted by the Nutrition Education Program of Montana State University Extension. All classes are free to attend. You will find a short registration form and current class schedule at the bottom of this page.

In all our classes we will explore:
*Eating healthy
*Increasing physical activity
*Creating healthy meals (see specific recipe themes that will be covered in the one time classes)
*Keeping a well-stocked pantry
*Stretching food dollars

All participants of in-person classes will go home with a kitchen gadget or cookbook to practice a cooking skill learned in class.

Within a few days of registration, you will receive a confirmation email and a webinar link will be included if your class is virtual.

Contact me at: or 406-827-6934 with any questions. Looking forward to connecting with you!

******Would you like to attend a class, but these dates and times do not work for you? There are additional classes available around the state both in person and virtually! For a full list of classes visit email: and click on “Class Sign Up.”

******SNAP-Ed offers free nutrition classes to those receiving benefits such as SNAP, WIC, Free/reduced lunch, TANF, etc or to those who qualify for these benefits******