Covid-19 Fraud

Scams related to the coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, are rapidly increasing as the public health emergency continues. Scammers are targeting older adults and those with serious long-term health conditions who appear to have a higher risk for serious illness from COVID-19. Fraudsters are attempting to bill Medicare for sham tests or treatments related to the coronavirus and are targeting individuals to illegally obtain money or Medicare numbers.

Report potential COVID-19 fraud, errors, or abuse if:

  • You provided your Medicare number to someone other than your doctor, health care provider, or other trusted representative
  • You provided your Medicare number to someone who contacted you through an unsolicited call, text, or email
  • Someone comes to your door offering “free” coronavirus testing, treatment, or supplies

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Report Suspected Fraud

To learn about reporting potential Medicare fraud, errors, or abuse, click here.