Fraud Watch Friday

AARP Montana and Northern Broadcasting Join Forces to Protect Montanans Across the State


1st Friday of every month

As part of its ongoing fight against fraud and identity theft, AARP Montana is collaborating with Montana radio broadcasting powerhouse, Northern Broadcasting, to protect Montanans from fraud and scams.

On the first Friday of every month, Montanans are invited to tune in to the Voices of Montana program for the Fraud Watch Friday Show. The Voices of Montana show airs on local radio stations in communities across the state.

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The discussion is interactive. Listeners can call into the show at 866-627-5483 or text 781-627-5483 to pose their questions to the experts.

If Montanans can’t catch the show on their local station or if they want to listen on their own time, there’s a great way to do it — listen to the podcasts online at or listen on channels where podcasts are received.