News from Nancy Hausermann – Christmas for Kids

OK folks: Our Christmas for kids age 1 to 12 will take place Dec 18th at Polson Walmart from 5 to 7:30. Anderson Broadcasting will have Christmas Music for us and Santa will be there along with treats and stockings for the kids. We are asking folks to please mask up, but it’s up to individual families. RSV In our kids can be very serious and possibly life threatening so please take that into consideration with an event that will have a lot of kids. I would like to say Thank you to those of you that helped with donations of stockings, candy. Crayons, stocking fillers and coloring books. And those of you who are baking cookies. Also if you are volunteering I would appreciate if you could message me this week, so we will know where to put all of you. We ended up with over 300 stockings. Also just a little note, parents must be present with your children, please do not send them over while you shop and please no gifts into the store. Thank you so much and have a wonderful blessed Christmas.