Superior Senior Center

From Superior Senior Center:

The Superior Senior Center has Durable Medical Equipment that we loan out, including but not limited to walkers (regular and with seats), wheel chairs, canes, crutches, commodes, lift seats for commodes, and a transport chair. These are loaned out at need to anyone in the community, and I have offered them to people in Alberton and St.Regis, as well as to the local Food Bank.

We also have a lending library; which sees a lot of usage on the honor system. We also have a computer in that room with 700,000 games to play.

We support the backpack program at the grade school; wherein the children can take a backpack of food home every Friday for weekend meals, bringing the backpack back on Monday to be refilled the next Friday.

We have a foot clinic twice a month, and people can have their feet soaked, nails trimmed and feet inspected by a nurse to check for sores. Then she massages them with lotion before sending you on your way.

We are starting a  newsletter which will include the monthly menu, the agenda for the next Committee meeting, Birthdays of the month, and any news of interest to the members of our community.