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What are you waiting for?  Some of the class this week are:

Drawing with Colored Pencils

Unleash your creativity with colored pencils! In this class, you’ll learn to use this versatile medium to add vibrant and realistic touches to your artwork. With a variety of techniques to explore, we’ll practice and experiment with colored pencils together.

Top Ten Travel Tips

In this class, learn 10 top travel tips to make your next journey a breeze. From reducing stress to maximizing fun, we’ve got you covered.

Basic Nutrition:

What You Need to Understand

Learn the ins and outs of proper nutrition, from the benefits of vitamins and minerals to best practices for a healthy diet. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to nourish your body and feel your best!

8 Secrets From Vegan Author,

Ellen Jaffe Jones

Join this series as Vegan Author, Ellen Jaffe Jones shares her tips on becoming vegan and how to do it successfully.

Journaling For Mindfulness

A daily practice of mindful journaling has brought many benefits to people including improved health, wellness, and productivity. Join this session as we explore journaling for mindfulness, its benefits, and tips for getting started.

Guided Visualization Meditation

Learn about the benefits of visualization meditation, explore the ways you can incorporate this into your daily life, and enjoy a guided session.