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Core Strength, Upper and Lower Body Workout

Core workout through movement timed with your breath will strengthen the whole body, improve coordination, balance, and whole body muscle strength. Learn how to exercise smartly and effectively using a pilates ball, dyna-band, mini-band, and foot massage ball.

The GetSetUp Kitchen:

A Global Culinary Journey Recap

Join Pam Penney in a unique cooking class where Learners will be interviewed about their favorite recipes featured in our cookbook. Learn about the traditions and memories associated with each recipe, and share in their love of good food.

Coping with Stress Using Music and Movement

Feeling stressed? Join this session to learn more about the different kinds of stress and how music and movement may help relieve it.

Journaling For Mindfulness

A daily practice of mindful journaling has brought many benefits to people including improved health, wellness, and productivity. Join this session as we explore journaling for mindfulness, its benefits, and tips for getting started.

8 Secrets From Vegan Author

Ellen Jaffe Jones

Join this series as Vegan Author, Ellen Jaffe Jones shares her tips on becoming vegan and how to do it successfully.

Guided Visualization Meditation

Learn about the benefits of visualization meditation, explore the ways you can incorporate this into your daily life, and enjoy a guided session.