Up-coming “getsetup” Classes

Up-coming “getsetup” Classes

Tai Chi – Shibashi


Shibashi is a series of 18 energy-enhancing exercises (seated or standing) that coordinate movement with breathing and concentration. It is a gentle, beautiful, meditative and flowing Tai Chi exercise routine that is both a joy to do, deeply relaxing and accessible for people of any age.

Morning Fitness – Fitness Combo


This class combines strength training and gentle cardio moves. The format is timed circuits and lots of fun. As an added bonus, you’ll be challenged to remember the order of the exercises as circuits are repeated, activating the brain! Light weights are recommended for this class.


Long Term Care – What You Need to Know


Prepare yourself to navigate through the complexities of long term care in America. This class is designed for anyone making decisions for yourself or a loved one.