Take Care of Yourself during the Pandemic

According to a recent CMS survey, many Medicare beneficiaries reported forgoing non-COVID-19 care such as regular check-ups or medical screening tests due to the pandemic. A recent CMS data analysis also showed a significant decline in service use for Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) beneficiaries, particularly for mental health and substance use disorders. With that, the number of services delivered via telehealth has significantly increased during the public health emergency.

As COVID-19 vaccines are becoming more readily available, CMS is encouraging beneficiaries to contact their health care professionals to discuss getting vaccinated, schedule any missed appointments and discuss other healthcare needs, including preventive care, screenings, and mental health services, as well as utilize telehealth services when appropriate.
If you work with CMS beneficiaries
Share the messaging below to encourage beneficiaries to take care of their health during the pandemic:

Don’t put off necessary care, especially if it’s urgent or may lead to
complications, such as heart attack or stroke.
• Continue preventive care such as immunizations and cancer screenings. Talk to your
doctor about which services are right for you.
• Learn about telehealth – Many regular health care services can be handled over the
phone, a portal, app, or other option. Call your doctor to ask about your options.
• Be active in your health care by taking care of yourself and your family. Exercise,
diet, sleep, and relaxation are important parts of staying healthy.
• Need health insurance coverage? Visit Healthcare.gov to sign up for coverage through
the Health Insurance Marketplace.

Know What Telehealth Resources are Available CMS updated policy changes effective January 1, 2021, which included adding services to the Medicare telehealth list during the public health emergency during for the pandemic. See the fact sheet and the list of services payable under the Medicare PFS, which includes office visits, psychotherapy, consultations and other medical or health services, for more information. Providers may also find the CMS COVID-19 Vaccine Provider Toolkit helpful for coverage on administering the vaccine.

Medicaid covers some telehealth services, but coverage differs from state to state. CMS developed a Medicaid & CHIP Telehealth toolkit to help states accelerate adoption of broader telehealth coverage policies in the Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Programs (CHIP) during the COVID-19 emergency
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